CellCycle is LIVE.

We are back in 2017.

When I began CellCycle last year, things were a lot different. At that time CellCycle was entirely operated from my personal social media, we funded ourselves completely and we were simply figuring it all out as we went along. Moreover Etta had only just begun chemotherapy. We had only been a part of the blood cancer community for 6 months. CellCycle was a freshman.

In our sophomore year CellCycle is a Colorado non-profit company, a federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, we have funding to help cover our operating costs, we have our own social media, we have a creative team for design, music, photo and video and we have a corporate sponsor (Thanks to Whole Foods Market who 'gets' our vision). We have also expanded our opportunities for donors beyond the bike with our KiloCycle events. But all the important stuff remains. We are family operated, we donate 100% of the money we raise and we tell the stories of individuals affected by blood cancer. Although we are still figuring things out as we go along, we are getting better every year. But only with your generous help

And Etta? She is back in school, back to playing with her sister, back to riding her bike, back from Disney World (@makeawishamerica) and enjoying a new puppy, Luna. For our past donors, thank you so much for being the very best part of CellCycle and we hope you will donate again. For those of you new to CellCycle, this charity has opened a door for our family and we hope you will help us hold the door open for the next family. Consider supporting CellCycle.

From Our Family to Yours,

Frank Moore, M.D.

Founder, CellCycle

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