Meet Logan

Logan is a rambunctious six year old from Highlands Ranch, Colorado who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of two in 2013. Logan was a normal, happy two year old until he started having fevers and being cranky and tired. This was quite a change from our easy going, giggling little boy. After a couple of weeks, we took him to the doctor on June 3rd, and she immediately knew what was going on. She ordered blood tests that showed leukemia, and sent us to Children’s that night, where the diagnosis was confirmed and Logan immediately started treatment.

That night our lives changed forever, and we started on the rollercoaster that is chemo, lab tests, blood transfusions, anxiety and waiting.

Through it all, Logan was so brave and he inspired us all by his ability to take it all in stride and remain a joyful little boy. He gained strength from his love of superheroes and his knowledge that the chemo represented the good guys going into his body to battle the bad guys and make him healthy. He went through three years, two months, and 6 days of treatment which included oral, IV and spinal chemo, steroids, and too many pokes to count in his fight to become a survivor. Since his last day of treatment on August 9th, 2016 Logan has started showing his true personality. His favorite things include soccer, Avengers, all things Iron Man, his dogs and family. He loves to run, jump, and climb on anything with his new supply of endless energy. Nothing can stop him now. 

In our last week before I leave for my big ride, I hope you will consider supporting Logan, families like Logan's and CellCycle. 

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